Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance in record time of only 3 months at DIGEL

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance in record time of only 3 months at DIGEL. Meinhard Iken, CFO of DIGEL AG, praises the flexible and solution-orientated approach of the SPH team: “The way and professionalism with which the SPH project team responded to the specific needs of our employees and found solutions to the various challenges was impressive and contributed to a high level of acceptance of the solution within the company.”


16 June 2023

SPH secures new growth opportunities with Marondo Capital as majority investor

With Marondo Capital, SPH AG has gained a financially strong partner for further growth. The innovative financial investor Marondo Capital is taking over the majority shareholding of the founder Peter Hartmann, who left the operational management back in 2014. Together with the company’s proven management team, the partners aim to strengthen the company with new capital and develop it into the leading digitization expert for the fashion, sports and lifestyle industry.


10 May 2023

Virtual Fitting Rooms - A Glimps into the Store of the Future

Social commerce has experienced an enormous boom in the last year or two, as consumer demand for online experiences has risen sharply in times of store closures. This concept works particularly well in Asian markets, not least because it is temporary in nature. What are the opportunities for European fashion retailers? It’s no longer a secret that e-commerce has fundamentally changed the way retailers work. Customers are becoming more demanding and expect more flexibility and comfort. To remain competitive, retailers meed to adapt to the digital age and create new customer experiences in order to awaken customers’ desire to purchase more in-store again.


26 April 2023

Integrating the Online and Offline World - Social Commerce more and more important for the Fashion Industry

Social commerce has seen a huge upsurge in the last year or two as consumer demand for online experiences has soared in times of store closures. Especially in Asian markets, this concept works very well, not least because it has a temporary character. What are the opportunities for European fashion retailers?


4 April 2023

How the Fashion Industry is preparing for the Metaverse

Metaverse is a (now no longer) new term that is on everyone’s lips and yet for many it is still a closed book. What is the metaverse and what are the possible applications for the fashion industry?


13 March 2023

Better Omnichannel Experiences with RFID Tags

Omnichannel experiences are no longer a luxury for consumers today – they are expected! Customers want the freedom to shop at any time. To offer this service, retailers need an optimal overview of their stocks. RFID tags offer this possibility – they not only improve transparency, but also simplify processes and thus increase ROI.

Digital fashion days

10 August 2022

Guest Opinion by Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle
Conclusion Digital Fashion Days 2022

Guest opinion by Prof. Jochen Strähle, Dean Faculty of Textile & Design, Reutlingen University. Jochen has been accompanying SPH AG at the DIGITAL FASHION DAYS for a long time, and we were also able to win him as a moderator at this year’s congress. Here is his personal conclusion:


29 June 2022

Efficiency through Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain

How can the demand for sustainable management and entrepreneurial success be aligned through the digitalisation of the supply chain? How important is cooperation with other market players? Read more about the topic of supply chain in our interview with fashion expert Armin Kämmerer.


6 April 2022

Success Factor Sustainability

Why do fashion companies opt for sustainability? Which basic principles of digitalisation help to bring efficiency in line with environmental awareness? Read more about the market experience of our fashion expert Armin Kämmerer in our interview with the SPH Editorial Department.

Expert interview

8 March 2022

Holistic Strategies for Digitalisation

The fashion industry is in a state of upheaval. Which prospects does a holistic perspective offer? What influence do the customers have? Thanks to his many years of experience and his comprehensive expertise, our fashion expert Armin Kämmerer is very close to market developments. Read more in our interview with the SPH Editorial Department.


14 October 2021

SPH strengthens Fashion Competence with
Industry Expert Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle

Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle, Dean of the Faculty of Textile & Design at Reutlingen University and international expert in the fashion industry, has been accompanying SPH AG since January 2020. Now, SPH AG and Jochen Strähle have concluded a cooperation agreement. Jochen Strähle will advise SPH AG in view of future developments in the industry and the strategic alignment of the company.

CEO Interview

2 August 2021

How to successfully implement ERP Projects
Interview with Detlef Beiter

Why should the top management be involved throughout the entire project term? What should be kept in mind in view of human resources planning and what impact does corporate culture have on the success of a project? The SPH Editorial Department asked Detlef Beiter, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of SPH AG, which key points you should keep in mind when you start an ERP project.


7 June 2021

Even in the Crisis, SPH increases Sales
and invests in the Future

SPH AG, the leading software solution supplier in the field of Digital Transformation and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the fashion, retail and e-commerce industry, was able to record a 20% increase in sales in 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year. During the first months of 2021, SPH was able to continue the good development from 2020. This was achieved through some new major customers who started their project with us last year as well as through new projects and many new prospective customers. Especially the fashion industry, who was hit hard by the pandemic, shows a significant need to catch up with digitalising and optimising their business processes and enterprise IT.

CEO Interview

29 April 2021

Customer Focus with IN:OMNICHANNEL
Interview with Detlef Beiter

During the past months, the fashion industry has proven its resistance and adapted to the changes. The SPH Editorial Department asked Detlef Beiter, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of SPH AG, for his assessment of the current market situation. Read in the interview how digitalisation, customer centricity and sustainability can be united into a consistent concept.

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