The Software Solution for Manufacturers, Retailers and Mail Order Companies in the Fashion and Textile Industry

Discover IN:FASHION – your customised software solution for the fashion market. IN:FASHION combines the power of fashion functions, omnichannel features and first-class best-of-breed extensions on the solid platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365, specifically developed for the unique needs of manufacturers, retailers and mail order companies in the fashion and textile industry.

IN:FASHION enables you to meet industry-specific challenges with ease. Our comprehensive, integrated and modular solution allows you to respond efficiently to market demands, reduce your time-to-market and increase your competitiveness. Our years of experience and industry expertise ensure you receive reliable and comprehensive support right from the start.  

Avoid disruption to your legacy IT software infrastructure and optimise your processes with the fully integrated IN:FASHION software. Reduce the time-to-market of your collections and eliminate duplication and inefficient coordination processes. With IN:FASHION you integrate essential functionalities and agile business planning, which allows you to plan and execute multiple collections simultaneously or at different times.

With IN:FASHION, you can ensure that your products are always at the right place at the right time – a decisive factor for success in the fashion industry. Our solution offers comprehensive functions for automated replenishment and direct stock balancing between stores to avoid overstocking and expensive discount campaigns. Our advanced functions save you from high logistics costs and disappointed customers by ensuring the availability of your products even in the second half of the season.

Rely on IN:FASHION to maximise your business success. We offer you not just software, but a comprehensive solution with many years of industry expertise and best practices that will take you and your brand into the future.

Process Overview

Fashion Processes between Standardisation and Differentiation

Business processes in the fashion industry are often similar, but rarely identical down to the smallest detail. With the IN:FASHION ecosystem, you can run all processes from planning to sales on an end-to-end cloud platform without interfaces.

The IN:FASHION process summary gives you a good overview and insight into the process expertise.

  • Strategic sales and profit targets
  • Shopfloor planning
  • Shopfloor clustering
  • Product group/limit planning
  • Seasonal planning
  • Open-to-buy
  • Sales planning
  • Procurement planning
  • Collection framework planning
  • Assortment planning
  • Assortment modules
  • Shopping list
  • Materials
  • Colours / Sizes / Cuts
  • Colour charts
  • Size gradients
  • Calculations
  • Patterns
  • Graded measurement charts
  • Tech Packs
  • Assortments and hierarchies
  • Collection clean-up
  • Seasons
  • Multiple delivery windows per
  • Seasonal colours
  • NOS
  • Disposition
  • Gross/net requirements calculation
  • Proposals for orders,
    production and stock transfers
  • Replenishment planning
  • Framework orders / block orders
  • Price scales
  • Bonus agreements
  • Order processing
  • Goods receipt and storage
  • Quality assurance
  • Certificate management
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier portal
  • Resources/Properties
  • Dynamic bills of materials and routings
  • Rough-cut and detailed planning
  • Multi-site and multi-country capacity planning and
    -and control
  • (Piecework) payroll accounting
  • Wage vouchers
  • Warehouse management
  • Warehouse assessment and regulation
  • Order picking
  • Shipping and packing
  • Returns processing
  • Distribution of goods
  • Initial store stocking
  • Nachversorung
  • Key date inventory
  • Permanent inventory
  • Customs and Intrastat
  • Longtail and consignment
  • CEP and freight forwarders
  • Total transport costs and sea route management
  • Backorder management
  • CRM and address management
  • Target group selection
  • Customer loyalty
  • Bonus and loyalty programmes
  • Prospects and offers
  • Advertising campaigns / promotions
  • Advertising and purchase vouchers
  • Up-/Cross-selling
  • Customer data
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Checkouts and mobile advice
  • Sale
  • Stock transfers
  • Personnel resource planning 
  • Store management
  • Omnichannel
  • Webshop
  • Marketplaces and platforms
  • Credit assessment
  • Payment methods
  • Customer master data
  • Customised prices and discounts
  • Payment methods
  • Customer enquiries and offers
  • Order verification and processing
  • Customer notifications
  • Reservation and shipment release
  • Invoicing
  • Call center
  • Returns processing
  • General ledger
  • Banking
  • Accounts receivable (reminders, debt collection)
  • Accounts payable (incoming invoice verification, payment proposals)
  • Fixed assets
  • Customer management (intercompany billing)
  • Cost accounting, financial dimensions
  • Financial consolidation
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Project management
  • Periodic closing functions
  • Reporting (data lake, business intelligence)
  • Internationality, language versions, country-specific functions
  • Compliance, GoBD compliance


Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance in record time of only 3 months at DIGEL

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance at DIGEL in a record time of just 3 months. Meinhard Iken, CFO of DIGEL AG, praises the flexible and solution-orientated approach of the SPH team: “The way and professionalism with which the SPH project team responded to the specific needs of our employees and found solutions to the various challenges was impressive and contributed to a high level of acceptance of the solution within the company.”

Your Benefits Of


IN:FASHION comes with a fully integrated PLM. This significantly reduces the time from the collection idea to the point at which the goods are channelled to the sales channels.

Increase in conversion rate

IN:FASHION guarantees better collection framework planning through an integrated standardised provision of master data (SSOT - Single Source of Truth). Collection framework planning ensures a detailed business overview, e.g. of sales figures and margins.


IN:FASHION supports you in your production planning and control. Complex influencing factors, planning variants and rescheduling are effortlessly taken into account and support you in recognising and eliminating capacity or material bottlenecks at an early stage.


IN:FASHION uses real-time analyses to generate automatic replenishment for all channels (omnichannel) and adapts it dynamically to the sales figures. This increases space productivity.

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