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Experience meets Innovation: SPH - your Software Expert in the Mail Order Business

SPH has been helping to define the future of distance selling since 1975. With the introduction of SPH-Direkt, our pioneering software system based on the robust IBM AS400, we laid the foundation for digital excellence in mail order 40 years ago. This groundbreaking system not only set standards but is still used by many mail order companies today and continues to be enhanced to meet the dynamic needs of the market.

Our journey from traditional mail order to omnichannel business is proof of our adaptability and innovative strength. In 2009, the introduction of IN:OMNICHANNEL – an evolutionary extension of Microsoft AX and, in the meantime, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations – marked another milestone in our history. This platform symbolises our ability to combine traditional business models with future-oriented technologies, paving the way for a seamless shopping experience across all channels.

Continuous Enhancement for maximum Efficiency

IN:OMNICHANNEL is continuously being enhanced to maximise the efficiency and speed of business processes in the mail order and omnichannel business. This ongoing innovation enables our customers to reduce their costs while maximising the speed of order processing and goods dispatch and significantly increasing customer loyalty. Agile adaptation to market changes and the implementation of the latest technologies are the key to offering our partners a decisive advantage.

As your software partner in the mail order business, we have established ourselves as experts in a wide range of sectors. Our customer portfolio is as diverse as the market itself, ranging from fashion and textiles to coins and precious metals, cosmetics, food and furniture. This wide spectrum of experience enables us to offer industry-specific solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our expertise in mail order is not just a promise, but a 40-year SPH success story based on trust, innovation and in-depth market knowledge. With SPH at your side, you are choosing a partner who combines tradition and a vision for the future in harmony.
Discover with us the constantly improving possibilities of digital commerce and rely on a solution that will carry your business into the future.


The cross-sectoral Omnichannel Solution for Retailers.

Your Advantages with SPH: A reliable Partner for the Future of the digital Mail Order Business

Many years of experience

SPH has over four decades of experience in the digitalisation of distance selling and has proven its leading role in the industry through the continuous development and application of pioneering systems such as SPH-Direkt. Customers benefit from proven, reliable solutions based on in-depth market knowledge and innovative strength.


With the introduction of IN:OMNICHANNEL, based on advanced Microsoft technologies, SPH offers its customers a platform that combines traditional business models with future-oriented technologies. This enables a seamless shopping experience across all sales channels, meeting the needs of modern consumers.

Maximum efficiency and cost reduction

The ongoing enhancement of IN:OMNICHANNEL is aimed at making business processes in the mail order and omnichannel business efficient and fast. This leads to a considerable reduction in costs, acceleration of order processing and goods dispatch, as well as a significant increase in customer loyalty.

Trust and partnership

SPH's nearly fifty-year success story demonstrates the trust our clients place in us. As a partner to its customers, SPH combines tradition with a vision for the future to continuously improve the possibilities of digital commerce and to lead its customers' businesses successfully into the future

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