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Best Customer Service
The Key to Success

In the fast-paced world of IT, implementing a system is just the beginning of a much longer journey.
An IT project may be completed within a year or two, but the real test is the service that lasts for the lifetime of the IT system – often up to two decades.  We understand that outstanding customer service is not just a promise, but an essential pillar of our customers’ success.

Our Promise:
Service levels and services that set the standard 

We offer a range of customer service in Europe that sets us apart from other market players. Our service system consists of several levels and services that meet the highest standards and provide optimum support for our customers.

Basic Services:
Availability that redefines business hours

Our approach to basic services sets new standards in terms of availability. With a service available 7 days a week and 16 hours a day, we not only cover all European time zones, but also support the afternoon hours in Asia/Pacific and the morning hours in the USA. This ensures uninterrupted support for B2C retailers – even at weekends and during extended opening hours.

360° Support

Incident Management

Our incident management system ensures that any irregularities are quickly identified and rectified to keep your business running smoothly

Monitoring & Dashboards

We provide comprehensive analytics and dashboards to monitor your systems and services, so you are always in control.

System Support & Release Management

Our systems support and release management ensures that your IT landscape is always up to date and efficient.

Training & Courses

To ensure that your staff are able to utilise the full potential of your systems, we offer a comprehensive range of training and courses.

Customisation and further development: Moving into the future together

IT landscapes are not static constructs. They evolve and adapt to new business strategies and models. SPH is at your side when it comes to making enhancements, implementing new processes and requirements, or implementing new IT solutions made necessary by changing business strategies and new business models. At SPH, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the highest level of service that goes far beyond implementation. We are your partner for the future – reliable, competent and always at your side.


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