More than 30 Years of Expertise - Making the Move to Microsoft easy

For more than 30 years, SPH AG has been a reliable partner of IBM in the IBM i area, supported by a strong team of developers who are masters of this technology. Our customers continue to benefit from the continuous development of their solutions, and we always use the latest tools to make their IBM i systems future-proof and efficient.

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, future-proofing an organisation is critical to its long-term success. Moving from IBM i to Microsoft platforms offers many benefits that can help organisations remain future-oriented and competitive, especially when it comes to the integration and use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Microsoft continuously invests in AI research and development and deeply integrates AI capabilities into its products and services. This AI integration provides organisations with powerful tools to automate processes, gain deeper insights from data and increase efficiency. In comparison, platforms such as IBM i can be limited in terms of seamlessly integrating AI functionalities and delivering innovative solutions.


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Strategic Step into the Future

Microsoft platforms such as Azure offer exceptional flexibility and scalability, enabling companies to quickly adapt their IT infrastructure to changing business requirements. The cloud infrastructure supports the growth of organisations without the need for significant upfront hardware investments. In addition, Microsoft’s comprehensive support of different technologies and platforms encourages innovation and facilitates the integration of new applications and services.

Microsoft offers an extensive ecosystem of products, services and partners to help organisations achieve their digital transformation. From Office 365 to Dynamics 365 and Azure, Microsoft provides a cohesive and integrated experience that improves collaboration and productivity. The global community of Microsoft partners and service providers, such as SPH, who offer specialised advice and support when moving from IBM i to Microsoft, ensures a smooth transition and continuous optimisation of the IT landscape.

SPH understands the challenges and opportunities associated with moving from IBM i to Microsoft. As an experienced consultant and implementation partner, SPH supports customers from initial planning through to migration and optimisation of the new platform. With in-depth knowledge of both legacy systems and the latest Microsoft technologies, SPH ensures a seamless transition and minimises the risk of business disruption.

Moving to Microsoft platforms offers organisations the opportunity to stay at the forefront of technology, modernise their processes and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the digital future. With the right strategy and support, this transition can provide a significant competitive advantage.

Summary- Your Benefit

Integration of advanced AI Technologies

Microsoft provides access to leading AI tools and services that automate processes, deliver data-driven insights, and increase overall productivity.

Increased Flexibility and Scalability

With Microsoft platforms, organisations can flexibly adapt their IT infrastructure as their business grows, without having to make large investments in physical hardware.

Seamless Migration and Support

With SPH as a partner, organisations benefit from expert guidance during the transition, ensuring a smooth transition without business disruption.

Future Proofing and Competitive Advantage

Moving to Microsoft ensures that organisations keep pace with the latest technology trends and strengthen their market position in a digital future.

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