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Microsoft 365 is the comprehensive suite for modern office work and collaboration, combining classic Office applications with powerful cloud services and security features. A key element, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, extends this suite with an ERP system that optimises financial management, supply chain and operational processes. It provides real-time insight into financial performance, improves efficiency and promotes compliance. By integrating with other Microsoft services such as Teams and Power BI, it supports a seamless, connected work environment. Ongoing updates keep your IT infrastructure, and therefore your business, efficient, productive and technologically up-to-date.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an adaptable solution that integrates seamlessly into your existing work environment and can be flexibly customised to meet the specific needs of your business. With this system, you can make informed management decisions based on reliable data and optimise your operations to improve customer service. It provides a complete view of your business and improves financial control, from cash flow management to close processes. By simplifying the sales process and automating workflows, Microsoft Dynamics 365 increases efficiency across multiple business functions, including Finance, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and Commerce/Retail. The software provides rapid implementation, regular updates, and ongoing support from Microsoft and SPH to ensure your organisation maintains a sustainable competitive advantage.


The software benefits from rapid implementation and is continually supported and updated by Microsoft, helping organisations to remain agile and respond quickly to market changes.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows for customisation and scaling as needed, so organisations can implement the specific tools they need, reducing cost and complexity.


By integrating and analysing data from multiple sources, Dynamics 365 provides a solid foundation for strategic decisions and helps align business processes with customer needs.


The platform standardises systems and processes, providing a single view of the business and improving financial, supply chain and customer relationship management.

Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform is an integrated suite that includes business applications such as Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. It enables organisations to make data-driven decisions with Power BI, build custom applications with Power Apps without extensive programming skills, automate repetitive tasks with Power Automate, and create efficient customer service chatbots with Power Virtual Agents. These tools support digital transformation by increasing process efficiency and providing a flexible, customisable technology solution that integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products.


With Power BI, organisations can make data-driven decisions by visualising complex data analysis and creating interactive dashboards that provide deep business insights. Power BI helps users collect and process large amounts of data from multiple sources and assemble it into easy-to-understand reports that provide a clear basis for decision makers.


Power Apps is an intuitive application development tool that enables even non-developers to create customised business apps. It uses a low-code approach that allows users to create and deploy applications quickly and with minimal technical effort. With Power Apps, organisations can develop mobile and web-based applications that are tailored to their business requirements.


Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, is a workflow automation tool that increases efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and integrating digital processes across applications. With Power Automate, users can save time, reduce errors and focus on more important, value-adding tasks.


Power Virtual Agents enables organisations to develop powerful chatbots that can automate customer interactions and improve customer service. These chatbots can answer questions, solve problems and guide users through complicated processes without the need for complex programming.

Our Industry Solutions
Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations


IN:FASHION, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and supplemented by K3, IN:OMNICHANNEL and best-of-breed extensions, is a fully integrated, modular software solution specifically for manufacturers and retailers in the fashion industry. The solution allows to respond quickly to industry-specific challenges, reducing time-to-market and eliminating inefficient processes and exploding costs. Thanks to a large number of fashion and retail projects, many ready-made business processes and best practices are already available in our SPH database for fast and effective project work. By integrating essential functions for product development and efficient business planning, companies can plan and implement multiple collections without system disruptions. IN:FASHION also supports the availability of the right goods in the right place at the right time to avoid discount campaigns, high logistics costs and customer dissatisfaction, and offers functions for automated replenishment and stock balancing between stores.


Our omnichannel solution extends the standard in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create an optimised omnichannel shopping experience for your customers that meets the highest demands and expectations. IN:OMNICHANNEL accelerates and streamlines processes, minimises administrative costs and simplifies business by centrally integrating sales channels, automating customer order processing and seamlessly connecting to parcel and payment service providers. It also improves day-to-day business efficiency and customer satisfaction through automated address cleansing and streamlined financial transactions. We are constantly working on technology innovations in distribution that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

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