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We would like to invite you to the annual Digital Fashion & Retail Days. In keeping with the sign of the times, this year’s motto is: “With AI to new Sales Heights”.

We are expecting speakers from the following renowned companies: SPH, Textilwirtschaft, PorscheTexoversum, Sievers, Roland Berger, ILUXI, smartPerform, DIGEL and Douglas.

Events play a key role at SPH, in particular to strengthen and expand our communication with customers and partners in the fashion and retail industry. Highlights in our clients’ and partners’ agendas are the annual  Digital Fashion & Retail Days, the industry event par excellence, and our Executive Briefings, which take place in an exclusive setting. These events provide a unique platform for participants to engage in dialogue with fashion and retail leaders interested in the latest developments in the hot topics of artificial intelligence and digitalisation. They are an opportunity to present and discuss innovative ideas, new solutions and forward-looking business models.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our next events and shaping the future of the fashion and retail industry together.

AI Executive

AI is the game changer. In our AI Executive Briefings, we provide business owners and top managers with in-depth insights and recommendations. We prepare them to make the right strategies and decisions now.


Digital Fashion Days 2023
20 and 21 June 2023 in Donaueschingen
Tech4Fashion Briefing 2023
3D Digital Product Development, IN:FASHION, Microsoft Power Plattform
Tech4Fashion Briefing 2022
Kick-off in the new CO:LAB of the SPH AG
Digital Fashion Days 2022
Digitalisation of the Supply Chain
30 June und 1 July 2022 in Donaueschingen
Digital Fashion Days 2021
With Digital Transformation to new Business Models in the Fashion Industry
30 Sept. and 1 Oct. 2021 in Donaueschingen
Digital Fashion Days 2020
The Challenges of Digitalisation
1 and 2 October in Donaueschingen

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