3D Product Development

Digitalisation of the fashion, textile and outdoor industries revolutionised by digital product development

Digitalisation in the fashion, textile and outdoor industries is being revolutionised by 3D product development. This technology enables the rapid creation and customisation of virtual designs, accelerates the design process and promotes agile product development. By dispensing with physical prototypes, costs can be reduced and time to market shortened.

In addition, 3D product development supports sustainability goals by reducing material consumption and CO2 emissions. The technology improves collaboration and communication between designers, manufacturers and customers, enhances product quality and customer satisfaction, and enables personalised customer solutions.

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We provide impartial, expert advice to help you choose the right software and technology to make the best possible decisions for your business.

In close cooperation with the leading expert in Germany, Prof. Dr. Ing. Christian Kaiser of the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, we support you in entering or further developing the world of digital fashion with tailor-made, innovative solutions. Contact us to design your digital fashion future together.

Summary - Your Benefit


By using 3D modelling, designers and product developers can quickly test and adapt different designs without having to wait for physical prototypes. This significantly reduces the time from idea to market.


The need for physical prototypes is reduced, which saves material and shipping costs. Errors can be identified and corrected earlier in the process, reducing the overall cost of product development.


Fewer physical prototypes mean less material waste and a smaller ecological footprint. 3D product development therefore helps companies meet their sustainability goals.


Digital 3D models can easily be shared between teams and across geographical boundaries. This improves collaboration and enables global teams to work together more efficiently.

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