Digital fashion days

10 August 2022

Guest Opinion by Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle
Conclusion Digital Fashion Days 2022

Jochen has been accompanying SPH AG at the DIGITAL FASHION DAYS for a long time, and we were also able to win him as a moderator at this year’s congress.

Here is his personal conclusion:

“This is the third time I have had the pleasure of moderating the Digital Fashion Days and I am sure that by now they have acquired a unique reputation in the industry. And that SPH AG, with this event, has become one of the anchor points in the discussion and further development of the digital transformation of the fashion industry.“

Why is that?

„The Digital Fashion Days always follow a concept and a clear theme, which is developed in close coordination with the associated partners of the congress. In 2020, this was the digital transformation and in 2021 the design of corresponding new business models, and this year it is the supply chain. Thus, we do not only address theoretical solutions, but have a professional exchange of highly relevant areas. This is where the Digital Fashion Days of SPH AG meet the pulse of time!

The authenticity, openness and transparency with which board members and managing directors talk about their companies and their own challenges is unparalleled: Every partner and congress participant comes from a different background and yet it is precisely this professional exchange and diversity that bring new inspiration and thus also enable new approaches to solutions.

The Digital Fashion Days do not only show glossy presentations of company representatives, but are the platform and meeting point of our industry to jointly develop solutions for the future. It is this familiar atmosphere that makes top-level exchange possible in the first place. And it is this enormous versatility in the fashion industry that is presented here in one place. The line-up, the ambience and the organisation are on a level that can be expected from a market leader in IT for fashion. The fact that SPH AG will soon become the market leader for fashion congresses is an additional effect.

You have to be able to rely on your partners, no matter what the situation. Thematically, it becomes clear at the Digital Fashion Days that the complexity of our industry, fashion and the fashion industry, is becoming increasingly difficult to get to grips with: constantly changing consumers meet new technologies and changing geopolitical situations. Agility and flexibility are the order of the day. Sometimes companies can no longer manage this complexity on their own. It is important to exchange ideas and to be able to look each other in the eye. This is Management & Partnering in our industry 2022. This is exactly what the Digital Fashion Days and the Digital Tech Days of the SPH AG make possible. See you again. Your Jochen Strähle.”

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