Shaping the Future:
Success in the Fashion and Retail Industry with SPH Software Solutions

At a time when speed, efficiency and innovation are the cornerstones of success, SPH presents a trio of software solutions developed specifically for the fashion and retail market.

With IN:FASHION, IN:OMNICHANNEL and AI:REPLENISH, SPH offers customised technologies aimed at transforming the dynamics of your business and ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage.
Our solutions are deeply rooted in industry expertise and combine industry-specific features with the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, artificial intelligence and omnichannel strategies. They are designed to optimise your processes, enrich the customer experience and strengthen your market position.

Enter a new dimension of efficiency, customer engagement and business success with SPH – where innovation meets practice.


IN:FASHION is a specialised software solution for the fashion market based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. It offers industry-specific functions for manufacturers, retailers and mail order companies in the fashion and textile sector. The solution integrates omnichannel features and best-of-breed extensions to reduce time-to-market, eliminate duplication of work and optimise the planning and production of multiple collections. IN:FASHION ensures automated replenishment and stock balancing, avoiding overstocking and costly discount campaigns.


IN:OMNICHANNEL takes customer interaction to a new level by using cross-channel strategies and deep insights into customer behaviour to create personalised omnichannel experiences. The solution enables companies to position themselves as pioneers in their market segment and create compelling customer loyalty by not only meeting but exceeding customer expectations.


AI:REPLENISH sets new standards in merchandise management by using artificial intelligence. This AI-supported software solution optimises stock levels in retail and addresses efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction through intelligent replenishment of goods. AI:REPLENISH is the key to optimised inventory management that meets the modern demands of the retail industry.


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