14 October 2021

SPH strengthens Fashion Competence with
Industry Expert Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle

Prof. Dr. Jochen Strähle, Dean of the Faculty of Textile & Design at Reutlingen University and international expert in the fashion industry, has been accompanying SPH AG since January 2020. He advised SPH in preparing the yearly event, the DIGITAL FASHION DAYS, with regard to trends, topics and speakers. With his first-class professional know-how and his confident, charming manner, he moderated the congress for the second time this year.

Now, SPH AG and Jochen Strähle have concluded a cooperation agreement. As an Academic Advisor, Jochen Strähle will advise SPH AG in view of future developments in the industry and the strategic alignment of the company. Thanks to his academic and technological background, Prof. Dr. Strähle is considered one of the world’s most influential experts in the fashion industry. The cooperation with him is of high importance for SPH. For SPH, he is an accelerator between the fashion industry, the university and SPH.

For the future, close cooperation between the university and the future generation is immensely important. In return, SPH therefore has a teaching assignment at Reutlingen University by Wolfgang Schenke, Head of Excellence-Center Fashion, in the area of digitalisation. Together, we will be working on the future and we aim for joint research work and projects in the field of digitalisation in the fashion industry.

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